How to Get Rid of Hemorrhoids – Knock Out Hemorrhoids for Good

If you have hemorrhoids, you want to know how to get rid of hemorrhoids quickly. Nothing could be more annoying and painful than hemorrhoids. The bleeding, itching, burning, and pain can be unbearable. The pain and swelling in the anal area will only get worse if you do not start some form of treatment. The good news is that the majority of hemorrhoids can be eliminated through home treatment. The worst cases of hemorrhoids will require some form of medical treatment or therapy.

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If you want to know how to get rid of hemorrhoids, start with your diet. A diet rich in fiber can cure most cases of hemorrhoids. Fiber will enable you to begin having healthy bowel movements. Fiber helps to relieve the pressure and swelling of the veins in your anal area. All you have to do is increase your fiber intake. Try to eat more vegetables and whole grains. You can also try a powdered form of fiber called Psyllium. Once you increase your fiber intake, drink more water so that you do not become constipated. A few dietary changes should do the trick.

You may have tried some dietary changes that were unsuccessful. You may still be wondering how to get rid of hemorrhoids. There are a number of methods you should try. Hemorrhoid cream will soothe the painful area around your anus and help reduce the inflammation and swelling. Look for a cream with an active pain fighting ingredient like hydrocortisone. You could also try using a sitz bath to relive your symptoms and shrink the hemorrhoid. A sitz bath consists of sitting in warm water several times a day, especially after a bowel movement. You should sit in a sitz bath for about 15 minutes at a time and the water should only cover your anal area. Ice is another great remedy for hemorrhoids. Place ice on the affected area for about ten minutes several times a day. Immediately after the ice treatment, place a warm compress on the area for ten to twenty minutes.

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If you still need to know how to get rid of hemorrhoids after these methods have failed, you may need more invasive procedures to get rid of your hemorrhoids. These could be procedures such as laser therapy, electric current therapy, rubber ligation, or possibly surgery. Tylenol or aspirin can help reduce the pain and swelling in the affected area until you can get more permanent relief. Consult your doctor to learn the best method for your particular situation.