Best Hemorrhoid Creams – Soothing Treatment for Hemorrhoids

The best hemorrhoid creams contain active ingredients that help to soothe the pain of hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids can be extremely painful. They cause bleeding from the anus, itching, redness, and pain. If you have hemorrhoids, the main thing you want is relief. There are many different methods available to treat hemorrhoids. Not every treatment will work for every patient. Small hemorrhoids may only require a change in diet to go away, while large, painful hemorrhoids may require surgery to eliminate. When seeking a hemorrhoid cream, check the ingredients to be sure you are getting an ointment that will soothe your pain.

Best Hemorrhoid Creams

The best hemorrhoid creams contain active pain fighting ingredients. Ingredients like hydrocortisone, witch hazel, petrolatum and pramozine, just to name a few. When you look for a cream, sometimes a lesser known brand will work just as good as a name brand. The important thing to look for is the active ingredient present in the cream.

Preparation H is one of the best hemorrhoid creams because it contains hydrocortisone. You can buy Preparation H in a gel, ointment, cream or suppository form. It alleviates pain and inflammation from the swollen veins and helps shrink the hemorrhoid. You would apply the cream between three to four times per day to your affected region. Preparation H is effective because of its main hemorrhoid fighting ingredient, hydrocortisone.

Witch hazel, shark oil, and aloe vera are other ingredients found in many of the best hemorrhoid creams. Witch hazel is a very popular ingredient and is found in many hemorrhoid creams on the market. These creams aid in pain relief and reduce inflammation. Since there are so many hemorrhoid creams on the market today, it is best to ask your doctor which one you should try. You could also ask a trusted friend or relative who has suffered with hemorrhoids which cream they would recommend. Itching and pain from hemorrhoids can be quickly soothed by the right cream. Keep in mind that these creams and ointments only work if you have external hemorrhoids. Internal hemorrhoids need to be treated with another method, usually surgery if they are large and numerous. Before using a cream, check with your doctor to be sure it will agree with you and any other medication or topical ointment you may be using. Only your doctor can explain the proper use of a cream and whether or not you are a good candidate for this type of treatment.


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    Creams are the best method in my opinion. It’s easy to use and also have very good results when it comes to external hemorrhoids.